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14 Tips for Cooking Salads

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There are several rules when preparing salads. It is important to combine different products, taking into account their flavor combination, as well as the season of the year.

  1. Salads can be prepared from any vegetables. It can be fresh vegetables, pickled pickled, boiled>. Fruit in any form is also good for salads: fresh, canned, dried. In meat salads, ham, sausage, boiled meat, eggs are used.
  2. The vegetables used must be washed thoroughly. Root crops are brushed. Spinach, sorrel and lettuce should be washed with cold water in a large bowl. It is better to change the water several times, while removing the leaves.
  3. Salads should be served beautifully and neatly laid out. So they whet the appetite. They should be placed on a platter or in a salad bowl without pressing or smoothing.
  4. Vegetables in a salad are cut into cubes, small slices or strips. Cut radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes into slices.
  5. To keep the edges of the bowl clean, mix the salad with the dressing or sauce in a separate bowl or saucepan. You can add the rest of the sauce to the finished salad and decorate.
  6. Depending on the type of salad, its components can be placed directly into the salad bowl, pouring the sauce on top.
  7. You need to decorate the salad in moderation so that its composition is visible.
  8. Tomatoes, radishes, parsley, paprika, cucumbers, dill, celery are suitable for any salad as a decoration. The greens are laid with a twig. Cucumbers, as a decoration, are cut into thin slices lengthwise and rolled up in the form of a funnel. Cucumbers can also be cut into slices. Pieces of hard-boiled eggs, boiled carrots and beets will also be a great decoration.
  9. It is better to decorate several salads on the table in different ways. This will help fantasy.
  10. As dishes for salads, you can use dishes, salad bowls, slices of bread or small portioned salad bowls.
  11. Salads can be stuffed with tomatoes and cucumbers. You can arrange them in dough baskets, or fry boiled sausage and put salad on it.
  12. To avoid poisoning, salads should not be seasoned with sauce in advance. To prevent juicing, you do not need to salt the salad in advance. Salt and sauce are added before serving.
  13. Vegetables are best cut with a stainless steel knife. Since the touch of iron destroys vitamin C.
  14. It is better to cut raw vegetables on plastic or porcelain planks, wooden planks absorb juice.
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