5 Golden Rules for Pizza Filling

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Whatever one may say, but the most delicious in pizza is the filling. We have collected 5 life hacks for you that will make her simply divine.

  1. Rule of thumb: no more than four ingredients in one pizza. Then their tastes will not mix into something indistinct but will complement and emphasize each other. The thickness of the filling is no more than 1 cm.
  2. Don’t use raw mushrooms and onions. During cooking, moisture will begin to be released from them, which will soak the pizza dough. Pre-fry them lightly in a pan to release the juice.
  3. The same goes for tomatoes: regular tomatoes produce a lot of juice. Instead, it’s better to take cherry.
  4. Be careful when buying mozzarella. In large supermarkets, you can find a special one, marked “for pizza”. This is what you need: regular mozzarella is stored in brine and contains a lot of moisture. Special – drier, it will melt and stretch beautifully.
  5. Some foods are best added after baking. For example, arugula and basil retain their flavor only while they are fresh. Ham and prosciutto lose their delicate taste when baked. Decorate the finished pizza with them – and the dish will look beautiful as if a food stylist has worked on it.
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