5 Steps to Know About How to Make the Perfect Steak

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Delicious steaks are made only from the rib and lumbar parts of the carcass. So that the meat does not deform during frying, it must be on the bone, and layers of fat are needed for the taste. The ideal option is a piece of beef from the lumbar part of the carcass on a T-bone. It is called a short loin and contains a thin edge of the dorsal muscle with a soft notch. We advise you not to waste time looking for it in stores but order it from a butcher in the market. In this case, you will have to cut the meat into steaks yourself with a hacksaw, but we think that this is a slight inconvenience compared to the deliciousness that will turn out.

  1. You can cook steaks from fresh meat, but they will turn out to be harsh and not fragrant. In steak houses, cuts are exposed for a long time, up to 4 weeks, in refrigeration chambers at low humidity, good ventilation, and temperatures close to zero. This process is called “dry” maturation. During it, meat enzymes destroy connective tissue fibers and some proteins, it loses excess moisture. As a result, completely different meat is obtained: tender, rich in flavoring, and aromatic substances. Frying it is a real pleasure.
  2. Pickled and defrosted meat is not suitable for “dry” ripening: changes have taken place in it, due to which ripening becomes impossible.
  3. Before cooking, cut off the dried “crust” if you have meat after “dry” aging, and let it warm up to room temperature: a cold steak will take longer and unevenly to grill. Cut the meat across the grain into pieces at least 2.5 cm thick. One steak should weigh between 500 and 800 g. Before frying, brush the meat with vegetable oil – it will be juicier.
  4. The actual roasting: press the piece against the wire rack for a short time so that the “classic” stripes appear on it. Fry one side for 2-5 minutes, then use tongs or a spatula to turn the meat over to the other side. To check if the steak is ready, do not poke the steak with a knife or fork over and over again to prevent the juice from leaking out. Do this once in the fourth minute, and if the meat is not tender enough, hold the steak for another minute or one and a half.
  5. When the steaks are ready, cover them with foil and let them rest. Let them get to the condition due to the internal heat.

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