6 Secrets How to Roast Beef Steak

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Making the perfect steak is not difficult, if, of course, you know some of the rules and follow certain subtleties.

  1. When buying meat in a supermarket, pay attention, in addition to the date of packaging, also on the date of slaughter, it should always be indicated. Count 20-25 days from it, which will be the date from which you can start frying the steak.
  2. It is advisable not to wash the steaks, but to wipe them with a paper towel until they are completely dry.
  3. Do not put more than 2 pieces in one pan, otherwise, the temperature of the pan will drop sharply. The meat will begin to secrete juice, in which it will be stewed, and then the golden-brown crust will not work.
  4. Use the cooking tongs to turn the steaks over, not with a fork, or the juice will leak out.
  5. If the meat cannot be turned over, and it does not lag behind the pan, then a crust has not formed. Then the steak needs a little more time to fry.
  6. Another important tip: the meat for the steak is not beaten, otherwise, it will lose all juices and structure.
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