7 Life Hacks How to Cook a Steak

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We often give up the idea of pleasing ourselves with a steak at home because of the stereotype that a self-cooked piece of meat will not be as juicy and tasty as in a restaurant. But this is a mistake. Steak can be fried at home no less delicious. The main thing is to find the best recipe, choose the right meat, marinate it (or not marinate: the secrets of this kind will be discussed below), and voila – the culinary masterpiece is ready!

  1. Quality meat – 80% success. The chief market brings the highest quality – from trusted manufacturers. We also pickle it in advance!
  2. The steak should be no thinner than 2.5 cm (filet mignon – from 5 cm).
  3. Before frying the steak, let the meat “breathe” at room temperature for at least 30 minutes (up to 2 hours).
  4. The meat must be dry: pat dry with a paper towel. The main thing is not to wash.
  5. Don’t put more than 2 steaks in one pan. Otherwise, the meat will be cramped: the temperature inside the pan will drop, and the steaks will begin to stew instead of frying and delighting you with a golden crust. By the way, the crust not only crunches deliciously, but also preserves appetizing meat juice inside the steak.
  6. Use the tongs to turn the steak over – not with a fork! You can pierce the meat with a fork: this will drain the precious juice.
  7. Let the cooked steak “rest” for 1-3 minutes, then you can cut it and eat it.
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