16 Amazing Facts About Leaf Salads

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Lettuce is a cold-resistant and early maturing vegetable. It is grown in the open field and in the greenhouse as an independent crop and as a planting compactor. The crop is harvested 2-3 times a year, the selective harvesting method is often used.

  1. Lettuce, also known as lettuce, is a leafy green vegetable widely grown in the world. There are about 100 varieties of lettuce.
  2. Sowing lettuce leaves were eaten by the inhabitants of Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece.
  3. For a very long time, lettuce was grown to make oil from its seeds.
  4. The French were the first in Europe to add lettuce to salads. That is why the word “salad” was added to the name of the vegetable.
  5. These greens can be grown in any season. She is unpretentious and feels great in the fresh air, in a greenhouse or greenhouse.
  6. Salad is a dietary product that fills the body with biologically active substances without loading it with additional ballast. It is an irreplaceable product in the diet of lactating women, children, the elderly, and people with a sedentary lifestyle.
  7. Salad is included in the children’s diet starting from 2 years old. The beneficial substances of lettuce are building material for bone tissue, have a beneficial effect on the growth and development of the child’s body.
  8. In lactating women, the vegetable enhances the production of breast milk.
  9. In the elderly, the addition of lettuce leaves to the diet helps preserve the functions of the brain and teeth and prevents the appearance of edema.
  10. Often, lettuce greens are eaten raw. Tear it apart with your hands – so the salad does not lose its beneficial properties.
  11. Lettuce leaves differ in a slightly bland taste, generally do not contain any bitterness or sourness, wonderfully in harmony with eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, nuts, and cheese.
  12. Lettuce is added to appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, salads, spicy dressings, and cream soups. Various fillings are wrapped in blanched leaves and stuffed cabbage is prepared. Ready-made meat, poultry, fish dishes are decorated with fresh leaves.
  13. 5000 years ago, people extracted oil from lettuce seeds. And in ancient times, they began to use leaves. So the vegetable salad got its name – salad, which means “salted grass” from Latin.
  14. In Germany, for a long time, professional chefs used only their hands to stir the salad, so that the taste of the dish would not deteriorate from contact with metal objects.
  15. Eating lettuce in the evening ensures sound sleep, and in the daytime – good appetite.
  16. To make the skin soft and silky, you can take a bath with salad. To do this, put more green leaves in warm water with a temperature of about +35 ° C. The procedure lasts 15 minutes.

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