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9 Secrets for Making the Best Salads

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We have selected the best tips for you so that you can prepare the most delicious salads!

  1. In spring, you can use cabbage brine instead of vinegar and citric acid for dressing salads.
  2. It is best to use apple cider vinegar in salad dressing.
  3. When choosing carrots for salad, remember that short and thick roots are more juicy and aromatic. Spring, not yet matured carrots can be used in salads unpeeled, but at the same time they must be washed well with a brush.
  4. Salad parsley will taste better when washed in hot water.
  5. In winter, dill for salad dressing can be replaced with seed powder.
  6. If garlic is used in the salad, then it must first be crushed in a mortar with salt. At the same time, he loses less juice.
  7. Chopped greens and sour cream are placed in a salad before serving.
  8. Radish salad will taste savory when sprinkled with ground walnuts.
  9. Do not use potatoes in rice salad.
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