The Thai national dish Phad Thai is very versatile – EAT SMARTER explains exactly what Phad Thai is and how you can prepare it.

Pad Thai – the national dish of Thailand – is available in many different variations. The noodle dish, also called Phat Thai, contains rice noodles as the main ingredient. But the fish sauce, eggs, and peanuts should not be missing either.

It is easy and quick to prepare and is made special by the balanced flavor of hot, sour, sweet, and salty ingredients. Especially with the savory version, the topping is usually the highlight of the dish: a mix of peanuts, coriander leaves, lime, and spring onions rounds off the dish.

In Thailand today there is a fine variant of the dish, which is served fried in red oil in the finer restaurants. The more common Pad Thai, which is dry and light, is also available from many street stalls.