7 Very Important Secrets for Cooking Delicious Salads

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Do you want to cook the most delicious salads? We will help you with this!

  1. Salad potatoes will not darken when boiled with a little vinegar.
  2. If potatoes for salad are boiled “in their uniform”, then they must first be pierced with a fork in several places, then the peel will not burst.
  3. Beets for salad will taste better when cooked in unsalted water. To prevent the beets from losing their color during the cooking process, add a little sugar to the water or pour in kvass, as was done in the old days.
  4. It is not recommended to bake or stew beets in a metal dish or on a metal baking sheet – this impairs its taste.
  5. Do not cook beets and carrots together, as this will not only lose color, but also taste.
  6. So that the beets do not color all the vegetables in the vinaigrette, it must be separately seasoned with vegetable oil and only then combined with other products.
  7. Boiled root vegetables are easy to peel warm.
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